Watch Nicole Kidman Eat Lots of Bugs, Which She Does Regularly





Two billion people around the world eat bugs, and Nicole Kidman is one of them.
January 29, 2018It is neither a big nor little lie that Big Little Lies star Nicole Kidman has been crushing performances since her first starring role in BMX Bandits, back in 1983, so it’s good to see her finally getting the acclaim she deserves for her role in the hit HBO series. It’s also good (well, depending on your aesthetic) to see her eating a four-course meal consisting entirely of bugs, which you can do via a video from Vanity Fair’s “Secret Talent Theatre” today.

In it, Kidman shows off her secret talent, which, it turns out, is the ability to eat lots of bugs. She begins with Hornworms, which, she says, are “very moist,” and “chewy,” but can’t quite describe the flavor beyond that. They are, however, the most visually intense of the “micro-livestock”, with a bright bluish color is especially freaky considering they are still alive and moving when she eats them with a pair of chopsticks.

Two billion people in the world eat bugs,” Kidman says at this point, “and I’m one of them.” So it should be noted that Kidman is clearly not grossed out at all, and seems like she genuinely does eat bugs frequently enough. Which is nice to see—it’s easy to treat eating bugs as a gimmick or accomplishment by the person doing it, but in many parts of the world, insect-based dishes are common. That Kidman seems more interested in normalizing it than making it a big deal.Seems like progress!

Anyway, next are mealworms, which have “a fruity taste” she’d recommend, followed by

crickets, the first non-worm dish on the menu. Crickets, she says, are “awesome,” and “like nothing you’ve ever tasted.” And finally, for dessert, fried grasshoppers, which she also recommends to anyone. Clearly, Kidman really likes bugs. Hey, the actress starred in Cold Mountain and The Hours. We’ve got no reason to question her taste!